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We are aware of the potential hazards in using - lead wicks,-
  which is why our candles are made with 100% USA LeadFree wicks 

Did You know candle wicks have a Memory???   They do!  When you light the wick for the first time, it remembers how far across the liquid pool gets. Once this happens the candle continues to burn to that point. This is why its important to allow the entire surface to Liquefy completely, which results in a longer lasting candle.


While these candles do float in water- you must still watch them.

1. KEEP SKIMMERS CLOSED- most skimmers can be closed off- this will keep the floaters from entering the skimmer while lit.

2.PLASTIC LINERS- keep the floating candles away from the sides to avoid skorching of the liner.

3. WEIGHTING OF THE CANDLES-using a hot needle (hold with pliers over alternative heat) pierce a hole into the bottom side of the candle, string fishing line through the hole and attach a small weight to the line. Be careful not to stick the wick on the actual candle. This will help to keep floaters where you want them.

4. PRE-LIGHTING FLOATERS-prelighting the candles- will make it easier for you to light them right before your event.

FRAGRANCE OR SCENTED CANDLES- scented floating candles will not harm your pool as the scent is locked in to the wax- even as it burns.

MUM FLOATERS- some times the mums will create a pool of melted wax- just at the tip of the candles- just take the floater- hold over a piece of paper towel and slowly empty the pool of wax on the paper towel. This will allow the floater to burn properly. Just place back into the pool and re-light.

As always you must keep your eye on the floaters- away from pets, children and flamable objects.

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